Kompas Bali Bike 2012.

The environmental crisis caused by air pollution from transportation and industry continues to grow alarmingly. The air we breathe has become increasingly smoggy, causing many threats to human health. From the beginning of the Industrial Revolution our consumption of petroleum products has led to greenhouse gases that threaten future generations through climate change.

It is the reason Kompas feels a responsibility to work together with the public in saving and preserving the environment. While encouraging control of pollution in our environment is a start, Kompas has also invited the public to start improving the condition of the environment and to develop a healthy lifestyle through bicycling activities.

Besides the Jelajah Bali–Komodo event, Kompas will also hold another biking tour around Bali island. This event, KOMPAS BALI BIKE, offers the benefits of a healthy living campaign, adventure and travel to tourism attractions combined in one package. Prospective participants for this event are not only Indonesian citizens who love biking and also care about the environment, but also foreign citizens who share similar passions. The event aims to have 50% foreign participants.

The event is open to the public, with participants paying a contribution fee to take part. However, Kompas Bali Bike is neither a fun bike event nor a competition. It is the chance for people with the ability and determination to ride a bike as far as 100 kilometers per day in support of a clean environment while also enjoying the sites of Bali.

Since 2007 Kompas has promoted and conducted fun bike activities in many major Indonesian cities – including Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Palembang and Makassar – which bring together thousands of local citizens with a common interest in saving the environment. This fun bike activity also encourages the public to exercise more often by biking.

Biking is not only about living a healthy lifestyle but also in a small way serves to decrease air pollution from motorized transportation. Fun bike events are now held regularly every year, with attendant increases in public awareness and the number of participants.

In addition to fun bike rides, Kompas has also organized long-distance bike tours
called “KOMPAS Jelajah Sepeda”.  It has been held three times; spanning Anyer –
Panarukan (1200 kilometers) in 2008, Surabaya–Jakarta (1200 kilometers) in 2010 and, most recently, Jakarta–Palembang (820 kilometers) in 2011.

This year, this prestigious event will traverse Jelajah Bali–Komodo, covering 610 kilometers.

Registration Fee

IDR 3.800.000 or USD 420(single room)
IDR 3.000.000 or USD 330 (share room)

The above contribution entitles participants to the following items:
  1. A total of 3 nights’ accommodation, based on twin sharing room, from the starting points in Kuta, Candidasa and Kintamani.
  2. Provision of 3 high-quality biking jerseys.
  3. Provision of meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as drinks and fruits along the route – for the entire 3-day biking adventure.
  4. Marshals and escorts from the local police and a medical team will be available during the entire journey.
  5. Participants will receive medallion from Kompas Bali Bike 2012 at the end of the tour.
  6. Participants will be entitled to personal accident insurance coverage during the Kompas Bali Bike.
  7. Five lucky participants will also be invited to participate in the Bali-Komodo Bike Adventure 2102.